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About Us

KTK Packaging s.r.o. is one of the leading companies dealing with the production of PET bottles, preforms and caps in Slovakia and is increasingly being promoted in foreign markets, where it progressively builds a stable position.

The company’s program is divided into 3 parts:

Production of PET bottles

This section focuses on producers of mineral waters and syrups, oil processors, vinegars, juices, as well as manufacturers of cosmetics or household chemicals. On customer request, we can also construct a mold, so the product becomes unmistakable. At present we produce bottles in the volume from 0.1 liter up to 18.9 liters, which can be labeled as large-volume PET bottles.


• Caps of different diameters, colors and shapes

• Handles of different diameters, colors

• Supplementary goods: safety caps, etc.

Production of PET preforms

• Preform 15.6 g

• Preform 17 g

• Preform 31.4 g DIN 410